Café-Restaurant Stork

Café-restaurant Stork is a fish and seafood restaurant situated at the northern banks of the river IJ. The menu offers a wide range of products for the seafood and fish gourmet. From a classical fruits de mer till whole served fishes of the season. Stork is a favourite spot for fish and seafood lovers.

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The latest news

officele trouwlocatie

Stork official wedding venue

Café-Restaurant Stork is now an official wedding location! This means that you can hold a wedding reception, wedding party and wedding ceremony. Say yes to your fiancee next to IJ river with boats and cruise ships sailing across. Do you want more information? Please send an email to or call 020-6344000



Sunday 27th and Monday 28th March we serve a delicious Easter brunch. Easter Brunch € 19.50 p.p (minimum 2 persons) Platter with smoked salmon, rillette of mackerel, Niçoise salad with Albacore tuna, shrimps. Scrambled eggs with truffles. Shrimp croquette. Served with bread. For children we have a child-friendly version € 12.50 p.p. Our children’s cinema is […]

bieren site

Beer at Stork

Recently we have expanded our beer menu with several new beers from Dutch and Belgian breweries. On our extra tap we currently have a beer from our neighbors: Vogelen from brewery Oedipus. This beer fits perfectly with oysters. We also have new beers in bottles: a very fine pale ale from the brewery De Vriendschap, Natte […]


New fishing: Swordfish

Starting from today on our menu: Swordfish! This is a spectacular fish with an extremely long upper jaw which has the shape of a sword. Swordfishes are known to use their sword-like snout sometimes to beat down prey, impale or heels. Swordfishes have firm meat with a flavor that is totally different to other fishes. The taste is reminiscent […]



Beclaws I love you! Surprise your beloved boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, husband, wife, sister, brother on 14th of February. While enjoying delicious dishes, our DJ plays… Love Songs on request! Slurping oysters, drinking cocktails, dine with a seafood platter or share a fish of the day. Everything is  present at Stork to make your Valentine’s Day complete 14th […]