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Corona QR-check

Dear guests, From September 25th, due to the government restrictions, we must check our guests who come in for dinner or drinks for a vaccination certificate or negative test evidence. In the Stork venue, where tables are anyway widely spaced, this may feel superfluous. Yet letting go of the one and a half meters and […]

New menu

We added a few new dishes to our menu! To name a few, beetjuice marinated salmon with langoustine and prawn with parsnip cream. If you are not fond of fish, don’t worry, we have some delicious new other dishes as well such as crispy duck or our new vegetarian main course with portobello and ricotta. […]

Fruits de mer DELUXE

For those who love fruits de mer, our new fruits de mer DELUXE is a real treat to share. On an etagere we serve 1 whole lobster, 4 snow crab legs, 4 langoustines, 2 North-sea crab legs, 6 oysters, cockles, vongole, scallops, shrimps, mussels and razor clams. A platter to enjoy everything the ocean offers!


Op 13 april is het weer 24H Noord. Dit betekent dat het 24 uren lang bruist en swingt in Amsterdam Noord. In dat kader organiseert Restaurant Stork een Seafood Festival! Oesters, mosselen, fruits de mer, snow crab legs, visborrelplateaus; allemaal lekkers uit de zee. In een ongedwongen sfeer genieten van kleine zeehapjes. Daarnaast hebben we uiteraard […]


From now on we will be serving a new Chardonnay: Combe du Moulin 2015. Deliciously creamy, full-bodied with a fresh end and a hint of coconut. Enjoy the summer vibes and taste it at our terrace! Available per glass or bottle. Furthermore, of course, we are also still serving our other wines: The Fishwives Club – […]

Fish and Season

Café Restaurant Stork. Here it’s all about fresh fish, shellfish and crustaceans. Especially fish caught in the right season, sustainable responsible fish. Stork is a member of the Stichting Vis&Seizoen. We try to achieve that the amount of fish, caught in the right season, will be increased. The foundation’s starting point is that ideal catch and […]

New fishing: Swordfish

Starting from today on our menu: Swordfish! This is a spectacular fish with an extremely long upper jaw which has the shape of a sword. Swordfishes are known to use their sword-like snout sometimes to beat down prey, impale or heels. Swordfishes have firm meat with a flavor that is totally different to other fishes. The taste is reminiscent […]


Er is een groot parkeerterrein aanwezig bij Stork. Zowel aan de zijkant als op t voorterrein is er altijd wel een plaats te vinden. Indien hier geen plek is raden wij u aan om in één van de volgende omliggende straten te parkeren: Gedempt Hamerkanaal, Hamerstraat of Boorstraat.