Kromhout & Stork – the history

The history of the Kromhout Factory is now shown in our café. Be suprised and see everything about the work carried out in our factory while you enjoy a glass of wine.


Businesspark De Overkant has a rich history with its origins in the early 20th century. In 1908, the site was first built, this is the part of the site on which Restaurant STORK are located. The Goedkoop family were the owners of the Kromhout wharf where the producing of the kromhout engines once originated. Several years later, in 1966, the entire site was taken over by engine producer STORK.

STORK proved successful in producing a wide range of products for the food industry. The company’s growth and the simultaneous decrease of shipping transport allowed STORK to purchase the adjoining lots previously owned by Kromhout and DRAKA.

In the late 80s there was little left of the once thriving industrial IJ shore. The atmosphere and the companies of the area changed dramatically after the canal basins were largely filled. The site’s shipping history faded. At the same time STORK moved several of its divisions to other locations in The Netherland.

In 2009, rental housing organization Eigen Haard bought the site to give the area a new impulse. Shortly afterwards the terrain was renamed De Overkant and became Amsterdam’s creative hotspot. Not much later Restaurant Stork opened their doors in 2011.