Oysters – In season

Most people don’t expect it, but winter is the best time to consume oysters.  Stork’s oyster arrangement has something for everyone:

Fine de Claires No2

Fine de Claire oyster is the most famous and ideal for people who first try an oyster.
The fine de claire oyster is salty and sweet and not too fleshy. This oyster grows for at least a month in a Claire (rectangular salt ponds), where it gets his specific taste by the tide and by the phytoplankton occurs in the Claire.

The Fine de Claires and Spéciale oyster are produced by oyster supplier David Hervé. David Hervé in France has one of the richest areas to grow oysters and also has an assortment of the best quality.

Oyster Spéciale

This oyster is easily distinguished by its lovely hollow shell that is filled with a rich sweet almost nutty flavor.

Oyster Gillardeau

Gillardeau is without doubt one of the most prestigious oyster farms in France.The plantation is run by Gerard Gillardeau.  Gillardeau has created an international brand over the years. The family business produces oysters which carry the classification or application “speciale” oysters  exclusively.


The Umami oyster is a wild oyster being brought up in Ireland in 3 years time. The Umami oyster is a Dutch invention. In Zeeland, this oyster is refined into a high quality product.
The Umami oyster. Intensely savory, sweet, creamy, salty and full of spirit and finesse. This is the essence of umami.

Every Friday, during Vissa, we have Oyster Happy Hour. “Fine the Vissa” oysters for € 1.50 each. Vissa is a Friday afternoon drink in Amsterdam North.  Enjoy our  Vissa Oyster Happy Hour every Friday from 17.00-19.00 in our café area with  nice views over the river IJ by slurping oysters and listening to the music,