New on our menu and full in season: Skrei.

Skrei is a name for Norwegian cod. Skrei is in season from the month of January till April. Skrei comes from Lofoten, a group of islands off the coast of Northern Norway. Lofoten has a very nutrient rich area, with a higher water temperatures than elsewhere. The Skrei feeds on shrimp, squid and mackerel which is present in the pure waters around Lofoten.

Appearance wise you can’t see the differents between Skrei and Cod. Tot avoid confusion, the Skrei is provided with a special label, attached to the head or spine of the fish.

From the end of January on the menu of fish restauant Stork. We serve the Skrei with beetroot pearl barley, prawn and saffron sauce.

Looking for a evening out: come dine at fish restaurant Stork. We have a beautiful IJ view. Book your table reservation here.

Source: Stichting Vis&SeizoenVishandel Jan van As

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